Moringa Latte Double Pack

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Sailajah Moringa Latte helps to control food intake amount and you will feel energized also fit at the same time. 
Moringa Latte beverage mix with Arabica Coffee with L-Carnitine Formula.
Have 10 Sachets  ( It contains 20 grams per sachet ) 

Ingredients : 
 Arabica Coffee Latte Powder, Non Dairy Creamer, Dextrose, L-Carnitine , Moringa Extract , Premixed enzyme, Inulin ,Green tea Extract and Stevia.

You can make Sailajah Moringa Latte in 2 serve : Hot and Cold. 

Direction to make Hot Moringa Latte:
- Add one sachet Moringa Latte 
- Pour 150ml - 200ml hot water and stir it well
- Wait within a minute
- Ready to serve

Direction to make Ice Cold Moringa Latte:
- Add one sachet Moringa Latte to a glass
- Pour 100ml hot water, stir it well.
- Add ice cube 
- Ready to serve 

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