Sailajah Haircare Mix & Match 6 bottles Combo

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Our Sailajah Haircare set is suitable for both men and women. Treating yourself is an essential hair care set to boost their confidence anywhere they go. 

You also can MIX & MATCH any of the bottles !!!

1. The Calming Hair Nourishment Shampoo to solve all your haircare issues. Infused with castor, Argan, basil and lavender -all with medicinal properties to maintain healthy hair and scalp - our shampoo is a boon for hair resilience, regrowth and restoration. 

2. Ultimate Favorite Hair Treatment Serum - A surreal solution to give your tresses a new lease of life. It contains 14 types of herbal oil extracts to keep haircare troubles at bay and give your hair the pomp and splendor it deserves.

3.The Truly Magical Scalp Tonic, The boost you need to amplify the shine and sparkle in your hair. Designed with the ultimate benefits of ginseng extract, this tonic has the ability to bring back glory to your locks.


  • To prevent hair thinning
  • To improve overall hair and scalp health
  • To lock in moisture
  • To strengthen hair
  • Reduce and prevent hair breakage
  • All hair types, including chemically treated and colored hair.

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