Sailajah Triple - Action Advanced Eye Gel

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  • Removes eye bags
  •  Removes puffiness
  • Prevent  new wrinkles from forming
  •  Prevent crow's foot from forming
  •  Moisturizes and smoothen the skin
  •  Prevent saggy eyelids


Dark circles usually caused by internal reasons and external reasons.

Internal reasons are such as hormone imbalance, genetic problem, sinus, lack of sleep or irregular blood cycle.

External reasons are such as too much sun exposure, over using PC or phone, wearing glasses or smoking.

If you're facing internal problems our eye gel will help up to certain level only because our product is for external usage only.

But if you're facing external problems our eye gel will fully help you


  • You can apply to the skin around eyes , also the upper lid during morning and night .
  • With proper daily use , it can give a long term improvements and permanent result by tightens skin around the eyes 


Can contact our Admin Leena to this number - 016-7088777 

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