Sailajah Mega Detox Combo with Free Lipo Sauna worth of RM 49

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Combo included 3 products which is;

MORINGA LATTE  - Moringa Latte beverage mix with Arabica Coffee wiith L-Carnitine Formula

                                  - 20g @ 10 Sachets

                                  - Arabica Coffee Latte Powder, Non Dairy Creamer, L-Carnitine and Stevia

MIX FRUIT DETOX JELLY   -  Direct consume 1 sachet daily before meal or after meal at bedtime

                                               -  Tear off and consume immediately

                                               -  20g @ 10 Sachets

FREE LIPO SAUNA - Suitable apply at stomach, hip, leg, arm and body

                                  - Vitamin E and Capsicum Frutescent Linn 

                                  - After bath or shower, use a small amount over at your palm.

                                  - Massage from the bottom up into the target area that you want to slim down. You'll feel hot after 5minutes.

                                  - Do not have to wash it off.

                                  - Apply day & night and six consecutive days for the best result.

                                  - Rinse your hands after applying the balm.

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