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Happiest day for our Sailajah Dearies!

To show how much we love our Sailajah Dearies with a special free gift this time! 

Get this great deals now and redeem your free gifts in your parcel. Happy Shopping, Malaysian!

Combo consist of 

1 - Herbal Face Wash

1- Brightening Serum

1-  Acne Serum

1- Vita C brightening Cream

* RECOMMENDED for first time users

* Can last from 1 month  depends on usage

 Sailajah Herbal Face Wash

      - Reduce acne and pimple. 

      - Reduce dark spots

      - Reduce pigmentations

      - Deep cleansing 

      - Brighten up your skin skin tone 

      - Hydrate and moisturizer  

Sailajah Brightening Serum

      - Keep smooth and hydrate 

     - Evens out skin tone 

      - Minimise dark spot

      - Radient skin look 

      - Brighten up skin tone 

     - Reduce age spots

Sailajah Acnex  Serum

      - Clears and prevent breakouts 

     - Reduce and prevent acne and scars  

      - Clarifies and exfoliates 

      - Clear excess sebum 

      - Removes dirt and impurities 

     - Clear complexion 

     - Reduce age spots

Sailajah Vita-C Brightening Cream ( 30 gram ) 

Brighten and revive dull or uneven skin 

Protect against environmental pollutants

Lighten visible sun damage

Reduce acne and pimples

Reduce dark spots and scars

Reduce pigmentation

Helps to overcome aging sings, wrinkles and lines

Soothe & hydrate

Non greasy, fast - absorbing formula


1) Wash your face with Sailajah Herbal soap. Pat dry.

2) Apply Sailajah Face serum (Acne serum or brightening serum or both as per instructions)

3) Apply Vita-C brightening cream twice a day


Can contact our Admin Leena to this number - 016-7088777 (ADMIN LEENA)

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