The Benefits of Hair Tonic


Throughout history, hair has a significant role in our society. Hair has been an indicator of social and professional status. Did you know they wore hairstyles based on age, gender, and social status in ancient Egypt? 

While in some religions, such as the Sikh religion, it is tradition to leave hair uncut. At the same time, Buddhist monks have shaved their heads as a symbol of detachment from material possessions.

Today, hair is as vital as ever. We still associate hair with beauty, youthfulness and virility. There is even a saying that our hair is our crowning glory, a crown we never take off. 

It is no wonder that when hair loss arises, we seek solutions that will help us regain our crown to its former glory. From natural supplements to hair tonics, different remedies are available. 

If you think that your hair needs a little tender loving care, then a hair tonic might be something you want to consider. Here are some benefits. 

Moisturise Hair Follicles

Hair tonics usually contain natural oils that help moisturise the hair. The moisture helps deliver nutrients to the hair follicles to promote hair growth and natural collagen production. The tonics often come in a spray bottle and can easily be included in your hair routine!

Helps Reduce Split Ends

Split ends usually happen when the end of the hair is dry, brittle and fragile. External hot weather and the use of a blow dryer can be causes of hair giving way to split ends. Tonic moisturises your hair follicles, leading to stronger strands of hair. If you struggle with split ends, consider getting a hair tonic.

Protects The Scalp

Dry scalp leaves your scalp more vulnerable to damage, contributing to dandruff, itchiness and hair breakage. Hair tonics have moisturising properties. More moistures mean a layer that protects and nourishes the scalp. 

The hair tonic can easily be included in your normal hair care routine. Dry your hair gently after washing with a towel and spray the remedy on your hair or scalp as needed. Gently massage, and leave it in. 

If you're looking for a boost with a tonic, try our natural hair tonic with ginseng extract here.

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