Natural Hair Care Products in Malaysia


We used to have the luxury to visit the salon now and then. When salons shuttered due to the pandemic, it has become challenging to maintain our hair care routine. Our monthly hair masks and hair treatments have temporarily come to a halt.

Many of us have let our hair grow out naturally, waiting eagerly for salons to open again so that our coats can get the tender loving care they deserve. When salons reopen, we will continue to maintain our regular hair care routine. As we are staying safe at home, there are some easy tips that we can do to care for your hair at home.

Here are some simple tools and ways to keep our locks healthy.


To minimise the damage to your hair, we recommend using a wide-tooth comb. A wide-tooth comb makes it easy for you to glide through your hair while it's wet, enabling you to detangle without tearing the strands.

You can also use a wooden brush that helps untangle strands and smooth out curls. 


With the weather in Malaysia, you might lose moisture in your hair faster. While you can't control the environmental factors that damage your hair, we can choose what shampoo we use. Consider a shampoo that uses natural ingredients. Natural hair care products are gentler on your hair as it uses natural ingredients. These shampoos will also not strip moisture out of your hair. 

Sailajah's natural hair care range includes a shampoo infused with castor, argan, basil and lavender to lock in moisture, strengthen hair, reduce hair breakage to improve overall hair and scalp health. 


Using hair serum can help you manage frizz, flyaways and boost your hair's shine! Not only that, but hair serum can also provide protection and nourish dry hair. Our Hair Treatment Serum contains 14 types of herbal oil extracts to keep your hair looking good all day, every day! 

While you can find different natural hair care products and tools in Malaysia, we should consider other factors in maintaining our hair care routine. Internal hydration is also key to well-balanced and healthy hair. You may use natural and hydrating hair care products but drinking enough water every day ensures overall good hair health. 

Follow these tips and find your natural hair care products in Malaysia here.

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