4 Best Ways To Get Straight Hair


There are many reasons why people want to straighten their hair. Some people simply prefer the look of straight hair, while others find it easire to manage and style.

There are a variety of ways to straighten hair, including a flat iron, a blow dryer or a chemical relaxer.

There are several reasons that make people want to straighten their hair like to achieve a sleeker look, have easier and manageable hair, and the best part is, to change their appearance! Lets get in deeper about this topic!

4 Prduct to Apply Before Straighten Hair

straight hair

1. Hair primer

Hair primer is a product that acts as a base for hair styling and extra layer of protection against heat damage and environmental factors.

It gives sleek and smooth hair, reduces frizz and keeps the hair moisturized.

2. Thermal heat protectant

A thermal heat protectant works by putting a barrier between your hair and the flat iron.

It creates a thin layer on the hair's surface that slows heat transfer and evens out heat distribution.

3. Hydrating hair serum

A layer of protection over the hair fiber, providing shine, smoothness and hydration are effective if you are using hair serum.

It helps to control frizz and reduce dryness by forming a protective coating around the hair cuticle. Sailajah hair treatment serum will be your top notch option!

4. Split end sealer

The split end sealer is a hair product that treats and prevents split ends, replenishing the hair with nutrients and providing the much-needed hydration to avoid further damage.

Remember to use high-quality hair styling tools with temperature controls.

Apart from using this haircare product, you can use coconut oil, and almond oil to moisturize the end of your hair. It not only adds shine to your hair, also helps conceal split ends.

Routine to Straighten Your Hair Without Heat

1. Blow dry with cold air

First, set the blower into a cool setting. Ensure that your blow-dryer is passed continuously from root to tip. Make sure to keep the blow-dryer about six inches away from your hair while you dry it.

In addition, keep on using straightening serum or spray-on leave-in-conditioner at the ready to tame your hair.

2. Wrap your hair

At night, wrapping your hair will prevent breakage and other damage. It also prevents your hair from drying out or tangling overnight.

For the best result, use a silk scarf or silk bonnet to keep strands in place.

3. Roll with plastic rollers

To use it, divide your damp hair into medium sections and roll the products into your hair before you go to bed, or about four hours before you intend to take them out.

4. Use a hair mask

Hair masks that are meant to strengthen and moisturize hair, smooth frizz and make it more manageable. In options, use raw egg, manuka honey, or avocado for a deep-conditioning effect.

5. Apply essential oils

In order to ensure that it penetrates your hair follicles, sealing and repairing the cells inside, use coconut oil, argan oil, almond oil, and macadamia oil in your routine.

Put a generous amount on the end of your hair like a dime-sized amount.

4 Ways to Style Your Straight Hair

1. Long straight hair with feathered ends

straight hair

Aside from getting a layer cut, why do not you get a feathers end cut because it will add more bounce and a flattering shape at the end of your hair.

2. Straight bob hairstyle

straight hairstyle

If you love a medium length haircut, a bob cut will be the ultimate choice! It will be satisfactory for women with round faces because it is an ideal style for them.

3. Shag haircut

straight hair

This haircut is a mix between the layered cut and the shredded cut. It has separated ends with varying lengths and jagged layers.

4. Equal length haircut

straight hair

Equal length haircut gives super classy looks without making any effort. This is old fashioned style but still remains trending among celebrities and fashion bloggers.

In conclusion, different appearances give varied perceptions of beauty. Hair is our crowning glory. It reflects ones personality and style. With sailajah, you may now confidently straighten your hair.

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