Why should you use a face mask…at night?


Using a face mask, at least once a week, gives your skin a boost, and adds value to your  routine. Here are what a face mask can do to your face, especially at night:

1. Therapeutic

After a long day of work and other commitments, using a face mask after cleansing your face gives a relaxing edge to your day. For the entire duration of putting the mask on your face, about 20 - 30 minutes, you keep your eyes closed and limit your movement. This helps to rest and relax your mind and body, and prepare you for a good night’s sleep.

2. Works while you sleep

Just like all of your night care routine products, the serum in the face mask works to keep your skin healthy and supple while you sleep. As your movements will be restricted, the serum in the mask has all it needs to help your skin rejuvenate throughout the night.

3. Easier at night

While adding a face mask to your morning skincare is not a bad idea, it is probably not advisable. This is because as a good face mask takes 20-30 minutes to work, you may rush through your routine as you move about getting things done before you leave to work. But at night, the skincare routine is before bed, therefore you will have ample time to pamper your skin.

With that, it is a smart move to add a mask to your night care routine at least once a week if you already haven’t, to give yourself a me-time all while gifting your skin the chance to sparkle and shine.

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