5 Hair Treatment Products You Can Get At Sailajah


How important is having a complete set of hair treatment products? 

A good hair care regimen these days includes much more than just shampoo, conditioner, and styling gel or spray.

We all know that maintaining good hair takes regular maintenance, just like caring for your own skin.

Good news is, there are lots of options nowadays for a well-rounded regimen. 

Want to know the hair treatment product that you must try in order to achieve luscious, healthy and strong looking hair? 

Read on!

Hair Treatment Products Purpose

hair treatment

Various common hair issues such as hair damage, can be treated with hair treatments. 

Hair treatments provide advantages like conditioning, softening, smoothing, and strengthening. 

They can be also used to target the specific indicators of damage to maintain the healthy condition of hair, whether it results from heat style or chemical processing.

Not only that, hair treatment products can also be used to shield the hair from harm caused by things like improper grooming or outside aggressors. 

Even after exposure to harsh conditions, protective hair treatments can support the maintenance of the structural integrity of the hair.

In addition, treatments designed to manage common scalp disorders including dandruff, dry scalps, irritation, and hair loss can also be used to address scalp health.

What Are The Hair Treatment Products You Can Get?

  1.  Sailajah Hair Treatment Serum

hair treatment serum

The most effective hair treatment serum aids in accelerating hair growth and it is also a fantastical solution to revitalise your hair. 

With 20 different kinds of herbal oil extracts, Sailajah Hair Treatment gives your hair the pomp and radiance it deserves while preventing hair care issues.

In addition, it offers multiple hair and scalp treatments as well as reducing hair fall, promoting healthy hair growth, making hair thicker and stronger, untangles split ends, as well as leaves hair feeling soft and moisturized.

It contains an array of helpful ingredients packed with nutrients to help with hair growth such as  Argan Oil, Panax Ginseng, Fenugreek Oil, Rosemary Oil, Keratin, Pomegranate, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C. 

To apply, follow the steps below:

  1. Saturate your hair and scalp with the serum. 

  2. Let it soak for one hour (beginners) or overnight rinse your hair with our shampoo. 

  3. Apply hair tonic to your scalp. 

  4. Apply the serum evenly to your hair. 

However, in order to prevent dandruff issues, do ensure your scalp is completely dry. 

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  1.  Sailajah Scalp Tonic

scalp tonic

If you have been having hair fall issues and hair thinning problems, Sailajah Scalp Tonic is a must-try!

This is because, Sailajah Scalp Tonic improves and strengthens hair growth, stimulates hair creation, and encourages the development of hair matter with this truly amazing scalp tonic.

You are encouraged to use it after showering. Shake the bottle before applying to either dry or somewhat damp scalp. Massage gently and leave it without rinsing. 

Improve hair strength with Sailajah Scalp Tonic here.

  1.  Sailajah Smoothing Hair Cream

hair treatment

Achieve smooth and shiny with the help of this Sailajah Smoothing Hair Cream! 

Additionally, it will shield your hair from damage brought on by excessive heat or sun exposure.

It acts as a multipurpose cream for smoothing hair before styling. Its gel-based solution is lightweight and ideal for all hair types.

Moreover, this must-have hair care product aligns hair strands and enhances hair quality for gorgeous, healthy-looking hair and more durable styles.

With 4 main ingredients of Bambusa Vulgaris (Bamboo), Algae (Seaweed), Soybean and Jojoba oil, it is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

To apply, follow the steps below:

  1. Apply a tiny amount liberally all over towel-dried hair. (Don't apply directly to the roots). 

  2. Blow dry, style, and comb through as usual.

  3. Wet your hair first, then apply the smoothing hair cream. 

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  1.  Sailajah Dandruff Control Shampoo

shampoo sailajah

This anti-dandruff shampoo soothes itching, lessens scalp dryness, cleans and maintains a healthy scalp. 

Not only that, it controls flaking and scaling, improves blood circulation, nourishes and moisturises hair from root to tip.

Application direction is as follows:

  1. After letting your hair wet, spread some shampoo on your palms. 

  2. Apply it evenly throughout your hair, then use your fingers to massage your scalp. 

  3. Squeeze extra material out, then thoroughly rinse.

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  1.  Sailajah Natural Hair Nourishment Shampoo

shampoo sailajah

The Refreshing Hair Nourishment Shampoo greatly aids in thoroughly cleansing your scalp. 

Castor, Argan, Basil, and Lavender are added to the shampoo to promote healthy hair and scalp. Additionally, it protects hair breakage and reduces frizz.

To use the product: 

  1. Wet your hair and lather up your palms with enough shampoo. 

  2. Apply it evenly throughout your hair

  3. Use your fingers to massage your scalp. 

  4. Squeeze extra material out

  5. Thoroughly rinse.

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Did you know that harsh ingredients found in regular hair care products can irritate the scalp which results in worse hair condition?

Now is the time to ditch hair care products that contain harmful chemicals and choose a healthier and safer option.

Treat your hair right with Sailajah's hair care ranging from shampoos, conditioners, and treatments, and experience shinier, healthier, softer, and more gorgeous hair in the long run!

Sailajah’s products are suitable for all hair types and were formulated with natural ingredients.

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