Why Do You Need Hair Tonic In Your Routine?


With the progress of self-care, there are aspects that you have to pay attention to including hair care.

If you are one of the people who only use shampoo, we have bad news for you– it is not enough.

It could even be damaging to your scalp and your hair!

This is why you must protect your scalp with a hair tonic. 

If you’ve never heard of it and are just finding ways to get healthier hair (which is rooted in a healthy scalp), you’ve come to the right place!

Today, we’ll share what a hair tonic is and why it is a must-have in your hair care routine!

Read 'till the end to learn the best hair tonic for you!

What is Hair Tonic?

hair tonic

Like everything we have on our body, our scalp ages as we do. 

Thus, it is important to ensure we deliver nutrients so our hair can grow fuller and healthier. 

A hair tonic is made particularly to aid in boosting blood flow to the hair follicles to promote healthy hair growth.

While encouraging a natural shine and a light hold, a hair tonic keeps the scalp feeling fresh.

Regardless of the issue– either thinning hair, ends breaking apart or hair fall– hair tonic helps moisturise dry scalp, reduce breakage and split ends.

With consistent use, you can forget about thinning hair, split ends and more.

Importance of Using Hair Tonic

hair tonic

If you are still unconvinced, let us share with you why you should include hair tonic in your hair care routine.

  1.  Protects Scalp

As mentioned above, hair tonic could give your scalp protection against scalp surface damage such as dry skin or hair breakage. 

Hair tonic can be one of the best ways to improve your overall scalp health.

Bonus point: it could also help you relax as you are advised to massage the hair tonic on your scalp.

  1.  Reduces Dandruff & Skin Damage

Due to the way hair tonic evenly coats the head, it is possible to reduce dandruff. 

Your hair doesn't encounter nearly as much dandruff when your scalp is less dry, which enhances the health of your hair overall and allows you to enjoy a better sense of self.

  1.  Moisturize Hair Follicles

The amazing moisturising power of hair tonic is one of its greatest features. 

Natural oils are frequently used in hair tonics to lubricate and hydrate your hair, giving you a luscious mane that looks and feels fantastic. 

Natural oils cover the hair follicles, giving you that full appearance that is sometimes hard to create. 

The majority of tonics may be readily administered as part of your daily moisturising routine, which is the best part.

  1.  Reduces Split Ends

Tonics hydrate your hair follicles, which facilitates the retention of your hair's natural oils. 

As a consequence, hair strands get stronger and overall hair health improves. 

Hair tonics might help you if you have split ends and damaged hair by enhancing the general health of your hair. 

If you use the correct tonics, you may even be able to repair very severe damage without having to significantly alter your daily routine.

  1.  Helps Style Your Hair

The right tonic may also be excellent for style, especially if you want to have a solid grip without damaging your hair. 

Wash and blow-dry your hair beforehand. (Pro tip: Hair tonic could also offer heat protection when sprayed into damp hair.)

Your pores will be widened by the blow dryer, allowing the tonic to permeate your scalp. 

Massage the tonic into your scalp for approximately a minute after waiting till your hair is almost completely dry. 

After that, style and shape your hair.

Start out sparingly since too much tonic might make your hair oily. Apply a little bit extra if the initial application is insufficient; applying too little rather than too much is preferable.

Get Your Hair Tonic at Sailajah

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Regardless of what the product is, of course you would want to get the best in the market. 

For hair tonic, you would want to get Sailajah Scalp Tonic. 

This hair tonic helps in preventing premature hair, hair thinning, improving and strengthening hair growth, and stimulates hair production.

With this tonic, you don’t have to worry about having your hair end up smelling like chemicals as it has a natural fragrance due to the natural ingredients it contains. 

Sailajah Scalp Tonic contains all the best ingredients one needs in one's scalp– ginseng extract, sunflower seed oil, coconut oil and centella asiatica extract, to name a few.

Now, how do you use it?

For best results, apply onto a clean scalp after shampoo.

Shake the bottle before use and spray your Sailajah Scalp Tonic on partially wet or dry scalp as needed. 

Work the hair tonic from front to back of the head at half inch intervals until you cover your entire scalp.

Massage gently to boost the scalp’s absorption of the hair tonic.

Best part is, you could leave it in and go about your day without any more worries about hair damage. 


Many do not realise that issues with hair such as hair fall and dandruff impacts one’s mental health and self-confidence.

However, hair care has always been overlooked.

But hey, if you are here, we know you prioritise your hair just as you prioritise other aspects of self-care.

The first step of doing that is to ensure a healthy scalp. 

To do that, you have to include hair tonic in your hair care routine– preferably Sailajah Scalp Tonic.

Now, to answer your burning question: where to get the miracle Sailajah Scalp Tonic?

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