Detangling Hack For Good Hair Day: Natural Hair Serum


As much as we love the movie Tangled, it's not the same happy ending when our locks are tangled. For some of us, waking up to tangled hair is a nightmare. Detangling hair can be a frustrating process, especially if you are rushing out the door in the morning or trying to look good for that morning Zoom meeting.

Fortunately, we have these little tips we can be thankful for. 

Brush Before Shower

While you rush to get ready to head out the door with a quick shower, stop for a moment and think about your tresses. Avoid getting into the shower with tangled and knotted hair. Before you step into the shower, make sure you brush out your hair to avoid working on tangled hair in the shower.

Detangle In The Shower

It may seem counterintuitive to tell you to detangle in the shower when we have recommended brushing your hair before heading into the shower. In the shower, you can try detangling wet hair with an oil-based hair serum to detangle any stubborn knots. 

Towel Dry Hair

Extra caution and care are needed when brushing your hair when wet since wet hair is extra delicate. The best way is to towel dry your hair half-dry before blow-drying to avoid excessive damage. The best time to use your natural hair serum is when your hair is half towel-dried. When damp, it is easier to evenly cover each strand of hair with your hair serum. As much as hair serum is beneficial, you would only need to apply the serum from the mid to the ends of your hair. Remember, you don't have to use the serum on the scalp.

Choosing A Hair Serum

Hair serum should help you repair hair strands, prevent breakage and frizziness as well as hydrate. To reap the full benefits of hair serum, go for a silicone-free serum that contains natural ingredients to nourish your hair. A silicone-filled serum may weigh your hair strands down, making them more vulnerable to breakage.

Natural hair serum gives your tresses the much-needed nutrient. Sailajah's Natural Hair Treatment Serum contains 14 types of herbal oil extracts, repair, hydrate and protect. Discover more about our natural hair serum here.

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