Oily Skin: To brighten or not to brighten?


No, we’re not talking about whitening your skin. Regardless of your beautiful complexion, having a bright and radiant face will bring wonders to your day and your mood. 

So how do we bring brightness to your face? By getting products with these ingredients for your skincare routine: 

1. Tea tree oil

Famous for treating acne, this magic ingredient also works wonders with oily skin. With its anti-microbial properties, it can help to keep away excess sebum to bring natural oil balance and promote glowing skin. You don’t have to use it in its oil-form though if that worries you. You can also use it in a serum form for maximum benefit. 

2. Aloe vera

With its cooling properties, aloe vera is famous for its ability to reduce inflammation. But it can also keep skin moisturized and well-hydrated, a key in reducing excess oil on the face. It also absorbs fast and leaves your skin supple and fresh.

3. Bearberry extract

Touted as a beauty elixir, bearberry extract is an underrated ingredient when it comes to skincare. 

This extract works naturally and effectively to reduce shine on your face and balance oil production. As a result, your face will look radiant and bright.

The key to keeping your skin less-oily is choosing the right product with the right ingredients. When you get this right, you need not worry about oil-shine or cakey make-up due to oil on your face, anymore in your life!