About Us

Founded in 2014, Sailajah has grown from a small skincare business to a health and beauty empire with customers all around Malaysia. We pride ourselves for catering to total wellbeing of our customers, from haircare to skincare to bodycare. To date, we have 16 diversified and innovative products to suit every needs and wants of our customers.

We’ve always had immense and unconditional support from our customers due to the quality of our products as well as for the personalized care and assistance we offer them. Building on this, we now have three HQs all around Malaysia, namely Masai, Johor; Batu Caves, Selangor; and Georgetown, Penang.

Apart from contributing changes to our customers’ healthy lifestyle, we also provide them with an opportunity to enhance their wealth and finance. Sailajah has been consistently taking in agents and dropship resellers, and providing them with ample trainings to be able to learn the ropes of business and upgrade the quality of their lives.

At Sailajah, we have constantly bettered ourselves and our products with an ultimate aim to bring changes to lives, and we will proudly and dedicatedly continue to do so.