Hair Tonic

RM 55.00

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The natural herbals in the tonic - supply protein to the hair to let it grow strong and healthy

100 ml (last to 1 month) depends on usage

  • To enhance hair production
  • To increase hair density
  • Reduce premature hair
  • Strengthen hair
  • Reduce and prevent dandruff and hair follicle inflammation
  • All hair types

 Paraben Free

  •  Colorant Free
  •  Allergen Free
  •  Natural & Herbal Extract

RM 55 (SM), RM 60 (SS)


After shampooing, shake and spray Sailajah Hair Tonic on partially wet or dry scalp as needed. Gentle massage is advisable.


Can contact our Admin Leena to this number - 016-7088777 (ADMIN LEENA)

Customer Feedback 

  1. " Sailajah hair tonic really works well where i saw the growth of new baby hair. I used to tie pony tail since small and it caused hair loss at some part of my head. Now the areas are covered with new baby hair after using sailajah hair tonic." 
  1.  " I've been having this problem for a long time and only after i use Sailajah's i see the changes. Thanks  to Sailajah's for this. I'm really happy with products as they help me with my hair loss problem too.

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