Brightening & Acne Set

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Sailajah Herbal Face Wash

      - Reduce acne and pimple. 

      - Reduce dark spots

      - Reduce pigmentations

      - Deep cleansing 

      - Brighten up your skin skin tone 

      - Hydrate and moisturizer  

Sailajah Brightening Serum

      - Keep smooth and hydrate 

     - Evens out skin tone 

      - Minimise dark spot

      - Radient skin look 

      - Brighten up skin tone 

     - Reduce age spots

Sailajah Acnex  Serum

      - Clears and prevent breakouts 

      - Reduce and prevent acne and scars  

      - Clarifies and exfoliates 

      - Clear excess sebum 

      - Removes dirt and impurities 

     - Clear complexion 

     - Reduce age spots

Sailajah Vita-C Brightening Cream ( 30 gram ) 

     - Brighten and revive dull or uneven skin 

     - Protect against environmental pollutants

     - Lighten visible sun damage

     - Reduce acne and pimples

     - Reduce dark spots and scars

     - Reduce pigmentation

     - Helps to overcome aging sings, wrinkles and lines

     - Soothe & hydrate

     - Non greasy, fast - absorbing formula


1) Wash your face with Sailajah Herbal face wash. Pat dry.

2) Apply Sailajah Face serum.

3) Apply Vita-C brightening cream twice a day

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