• Skincare Combo F

Skincare Combo F

Skincare Combo F

  • Price: RM 115.00

    Consists of skincare combo F:

    Sailajah Kiwi Face and Body Scrub ( 250 ml )

      - Sailajah Body Brightening Lotion  (160 ml ) 

      RECOMMENDED for first time users

        * Can last from 1 month  depends on usage


             ◾️  Sailajah Kiwi Face and Body Scrub 

        • Polishes skin , exfolliates dead skin cells
        • Leaves natural healthy glow
        • Keep skin smooth, clean and fine
        • Stimulates skin microcirculation
        • Slows down hyper pigmentation

        ◾️ Sailajah Body Brightening Lotion


        •   Protection against UV radiation - SPF-50
          • Prevent dark spots caused by UV rays
          • Skin becomes brighter and more translucent
          • Evens the skin tone
          • Refine skin texture and elasticity

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