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 Sailajah Facial Herbal Soap

Sailajah Facial Her...

 Benefits of Sailajah Facial Herbal Soap▪Reduce acne, pimples ▪Reduce dark spots▪Reduce pi..

RM 42.00

Mind calmer

Mind calmer

Mind Calmer blends from simple smells such as Lavender, Sandalwood, Rose, Bergamot helps to keep you..

RM 19.00

Sailajah Acnex Serum

Sailajah Acnex Serum...

Sailajah Acnex Serum    ..

RM 65.00

Sailajah Brightening Serum

Sailajah Brightening...

Sailajah Brightening Serum Keep smooth and hydrate Evens out skin tone Brighten up sk..

RM 65.00

Sailajah Candy Kiss Lip Fruit Scrub

Sailajah Candy Kiss ...

Sailajah Candy Kiss Lip Fruit ScrubBenefits Help to remove dead skin cells on lip Hydrate ..

RM 19.00

Sailajah Cherry Body Butter

Sailajah Cherry Body...

Sailajah Cherry Body ButterStrengthen skin moisture Protective layer around the skin Help ..

RM 29.00

Sailajah Ladies Drink

Sailajah Ladies Drin...

SAILAJAH LADIES DRINK! The perfect combination of 13 ingredients based on human health and vitali..

RM 95.00

Sailajah Perfume

Sailajah Perfume


RM 19.00



Sailajah Vita-C Brightening Cream formulated with Licorice extract, Kojic Acid,Tangerine Peel extrac..

RM 29.00

Shocking July Sale ( Day Cream )

Shocking July Sale (...

Enjoy our July Shocking Sale   You will get discount less 31%  From RM 58 to RM 40 ( ..

RM 58.00

Shocking July Sale ( Night cream)

Shocking July Sale (...

Enjoy your Shocking July SaleGet less for 31%From RM58 to RM 40 ( exclude postage)..

RM 58.00

Shocking Sale July (Lotion)

Shocking Sale July (...

Enjoy your Shocking saleGet less 31%From RM58 to RM40..

RM 58.00

Sailajah Day Cream (50gm)

Sailajah Day Cream (...

Nourishes skin Natural fairness and glowsProtect from UV rays Lightens skin toneMoisturize..

RM 58.00

Sailajah Night Cream (50gm)

Sailajah Night Cream...

Black spots removerReduce dullness of skinPrevents skin from feeling greasyAnti agingReveals all in ..

RM 58.00

Facial Cleanser (170ml)

Facial Cleanser (170...

Flushes out impurities from poresLeaves skin feeling refreshMoisturizedCleanses dirt and accumulated..

RM 42.00

Hydrating Toner (170ml)

Hydrating Toner (170...

Refresh skinTighten poresEven out skin toneEnhances absorptionLightens and softens the skinHydrates ..

RM 42.00

Aloe Vera Mask Box

Aloe Vera Mask Box

Deep hydrating & brightening skinReduce & treat sunburnTreat acne & dark sportFight agin..

RM 70.00

Sailajah Triple - Action Advanced Eye Gel

Sailajah Triple - Ac...

Benefit Sailajah Triple -Action Advanced Eye Gel * Removes eye bags* Removes puffiness* Prevent..

RM 75.00

Kiwi Face & Body Scrub

Kiwi Face & Body...

Polishes skin , exfolliates dead skin cellsLeaves natural healthy glowKeep skin smooth, clean and fi..

RM 58.00

Sailajah Body Whitening Lotion

Sailajah Body Whiten...

Protection against UV radiation - SPF-50Prevent dark spots caused by UV raysSkin becomes brighter an..

RM 58.00

Sailajah Beauty Collagen

Sailajah Beauty Coll...

Makes the skin fairer and glow to entire bodyGives beautiful, flawless and youthful skinActs as an a..

RM 120.00

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